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    70 Ferrari at the Ferrarista meeting in Champagne


    After a first meeting in the Jura, organized by the Gang des Lyonnais, and the second in the Gorges du Verdon, organized by the Squadra du Sud, last year, no less than 70 Ferraris met over three days in Champagne mid-September 2022. Incredible! And yet this figure was reached very quickly and limited by the accommodation capacity of the hotels. Coming from all over France, Switzerland and Belgium, what had their owners been looking for? What did they experience during those three days? Why didn't they want to go back?




    Day 1 : Circuit des Ecuyers


    The first day, Friday September 16, was a day on the track! Why ? So many Ferraris on the circuit? The big advantage is that the circuit allows everyone to stay static in the same place, to facilitate meetings from day one. The Ferraris were parked by model, in order to allow exchanges between owners of the same model and to obtain an even more beautiful parking lot for the photos.


    Driving a Ferrari isn't always easy: they're expensive cars, a dream come true, and owners don't want to damage them. However, over the years, more and more members are taking the plunge. This is an opportunity to enjoy your Ferrari to the fullest in complete safety, without fear of the police. A majority of owners have taken their Ferraris to the track, in addition to the parade, which offers great photos of all our Ferraris on the track.



    The Circuit des Ecuyers, which had been selected, is a very secure circuit, with wide grass clearances. It's a technical circuit where you never go very fast. A hilly circuit more interesting than a flat circuit. The women's session, organized for the first time, was a huge success, with many getting behind the wheel of the Ferrari for the first time!


    Another big success of this first day were the Ferrari 296 GTB tests organized in collaboration with the Charles Pozzi Ferrari dealershipThirty half-hour tests were done in one day, which is huge. There were many more requests than places, unfortunately. The feedback was very positive on these tests and on this new Ferrari


    A huge success also for the instructor pilots who were absolutely in demand all day. Having an instructor driver reassures, especially beginners, and helps them to progress quickly, quickly getting their bearings on this circuit and analyzing the particular points to improve in order to progress.




    Lunch, inside the circuit, was provided by the caterer Les Réceptions Bertacchi. The people in charge of the circuit told us that it was exceptional to bring together on the circuit so many cars of a single brand, that never happens again, and even of a brand as prestigious as Ferrari.

    It is the Hôtel des Francs in Soissons, which welcomed the participants to rest after the trip and this first day on the circuit. Their hospitality was exceptional, with, among others; the hotel manager, himself, helping the Ferraris park in the underground car park to make everything perfect.

    A tombola was organized at the time of the cocktail with a lot of Ferrari-related prizes, some of which offered by Francorchamps Motors Ferrari dealership and by Emilia Parts, the Ferrari parts specialist. Each participant left with at least a good bottle of champagne and glasses engraved with the image of the famous prancing horse. A beautiful souvenir to take home.



    Day 2 : Tourist circuit in Champagn


    The second day of this Ferrarista meeting started with very beautiful Champagne roads, almost empty on a Saturday morning, between Soissons and Reims. The objective was to visit the automobile museum of Reims, which offers one of the five largest collections in France. A great opportunity to dive back and talk about these cars that rocked our childhood and that we no longer see on the roads.


    Lunch was organized next door, in the famous Domaine des Crayères which has 2 stars in the Michelin guide. The car park was reserved for a magnificent lunch that will be remembered, as everything was perfect: the champagne of course, the delicious dishes, the impeccable service, the magnificent setting, etc.




    The participants then took the beautiful road between Reims and Epernay. The afternoon was devoted to visiting the cellars of Champagne Mercier, the only house capable of accepting such a large group of people. Their little train travels part of the 18 kilometers of underground cellars. The return to Soissons was on very beautiful roads, on the slopes of Champagne, between small typical villages, with very beautiful views.


    The evening started with a cocktail, during which was briefly presented the history of Ferrarista, where it is today and the prospects for the future. This beautiful evening was also marked by a surprise gift offered by the Hôtel des Francs in Soissons: a cake in the shape of the Ferrarista.club logo, made of marzipan. A very delicate attention, much appreciated.




    Day 3 : the Reims-Gueux circuit

    On Sunday morning, the Ferraris took other very beautiful country roads between Soissons and Reims, with the pleasure of admiring the long line of Ferraris winding through the valleys, with the smiles and thumbs up of onlookers.


    The objective was the mythical circuit of Reims-Gueux, where Ferrari won several victories. Thanks to a prefectural authorization, the 70 Ferraris were authorized to park along the famous restored grandstands of the circuit. Thanks to the Association des amis du circuit de Gueux, we were also able to have lunch in the stands opposite, with our Ferraris lined up in front of us. Exceptional there too!




    Special Thanks

    The weather was exceptional during these three days, which helped a lot to make it a memorable Ferrari meeting, like the previous two. It was also exceptional thanks to the 140 participants, their enthusiasm, their smiles, their benevolence, their lively exchanges.


    Nothing would have possible without @Stradale V8, who counted neither his time nor his passion to make this Ferrarista meeting in Champagne superb and specific. Thank you also to his family, who actively participated in the organization, as well as to all the members who wished to help during the meeting: @bernard, @Blaze, Califette and @Calif38, @Blaze, @joel, @aspym, @raff, @JNico, amongst others.


    If you were lucky enough to be able to take part in this meeting, what did you remember? What was the best moment from your point of view?

    If you are a Ferrari owner, will you be present with us at the Ferrarista 2023 meeting?


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