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    5 reasons to choose the Ferrari F355 against the 360 Modena or vice versa ...


    The Ferrari F355 and the Ferrari 360 Modena are currently in close prices, while the Ferrari 360 Modena was the successor, with big developments, of the Ferrari F355. If you are looking for a Ferrari with a rear centered V8 engine, that might be your first Ferrari, which one should you choose? What are the criteria that will allow you to make your choice? Which of those two models of Ferrari is it better to avoid? From an idea of Seadweller (thank you to him), I propose you to take a view on these two highly regarded Ferrari.




    5 good reasons to choose the Ferrari 360 Modena:


    1. Maintenance costs


    The Ferrari 360 Modena, over time, should cost you less to maintain than the Ferrari F355. If we consider only routine maintenance, and not unexpected one, the Ferrari F355 will cost you more during big revisions to change belts. Indeed, the engine removal is required, which takes several hours, while a hatch exists on the Ferrari 360 Modena to change the belts more easily. In return, the clutch change will cost you less on a Ferrari F355, with an easier access. But this is not enough to offset the cost of changing the belts.


    2. Reliability


    The Ferrari 360 Modena is known as a Ferrari with no major problem. The first ones are from 1999, nearly 20 years ago, allowing to have a feedback from the aging of its components. On the Ferrari F355, you must pay attention to the exhaust manifolds. The ideal is that a previous owner had fitted Tubistyle collectors.




    3. habitability


    The Ferrari 360 Modena no longer has the format of the Ferrari F355 Berlinetta, its predecessor. It shows in its cabin, more spacious and roomy. It is also more modern, while that of the Ferrari F355 looks more like that of a classic car. Your driving position on the Ferrari 360 Modena is not shifted to the right as a Ferrari F355.


    4. Day to day usability


    With the Ferrari 360 Modena, Ferrari has tried to provide a Ferrari that could be used every day, realizing that the market for cars that go out only for driving pleasure is reduced. With a Ferrari 360 Modena, you do not have fans that light up constantly in traffic because the engine temperature rises too much. You do not have your calf that hurts after ten stops and starts in traffic.




    5. A perfect F1 box


    The F1 box appeared on the last versions of the Ferrari F355. As this was the first copies, it now appears slow and consumes a little more clutch than newer models. With the Ferrari 360 Modena, many improvements have been made over the years. A F1 box on a Ferrari 360 Modena, especially if you equip it with the latest version of the management software (or that of the Ferrari Challenge Stradale) was a real joy to use. You can not revert to a mechanical box.




    5 good reasons to prefer the Ferrari F355:


    1. The design


    The Ferrari 360 Modena has its followers. But when a survey is carried out on the most beautiful Ferrari, the Ferrari F355 is very far ahead, if not in the lead. It is the most popular, all colors look good on it. The Ferrari F355 is now a classic in the history of Ferrari. But aesthetics remain a personal choice.




    2. The thrills


    The Ferrari F355 is the latest Ferrari berlinetta without any electronic help. On the first versions, you even have a button to remove the ABS and power steering was an option. On the Ferrari 360 Modena, traction control appeared. The chassis of the Ferrari F355 is also reputed to be very good and relatively permissive.


    3. The GTS version


    The Ferrari F355 is the latest to offer a GTS version. Then only the coupe and the spider version were available in the catalog. Yet the GTS model is the best of both worlds: a hard top to keep the look of the coupe and not risk to have problems with your soft-top, and a removable roof to benefit from ballads with wind in your hairs, taking full advantage of the V8 melody.




    4. The sound


    The Ferrari F355 introduces 5 valves per cylinder that are partly responsible for the noise produced by this fabulous Ferrari. The sound produced is excellent in the Ferrari F355 series (first versions in particular), and will be magnified by a TubiStyle or Capristo exhaust, according to your taste. It is often compared to the sound produced by a Formula 1. The Ferrari 360 Modena requires a TubiStyle because the sound is too muffled when the valves are not opened.


    5. The depreciation


    As regular studies published on TheFerrarista.com show you, the Ferrari F355 has lost roughly 10 000 euros of its value over the past 3 years. For the Ferrari 360 Modena, it is more than the double! Even if you pay a higher maintenance on the Ferrari F355, because of its depreciation the Ferrari 360 Modena would amount to much more. Obviously this is the theory, and each case is different (potentially unforeseen breakdowns, specific to your model). Just as it is difficult to predict how the price of a Ferrari will change in the coming years.




    The Ferrari 360 Modena was a very big change compared to the Ferrari F355. When you read their differences above, you find that your choice will depend on what you are looking for in a Ferrari. A beautiful line or more modernity, for an easier everyday use and a reduced risk of unexpected maintenance costs. The right choice would be to try the two, like me, who initially opted for a Ferrari F355 GTS, to change a few years later for a Ferrari Challenge Stradale. In the end, these are two very different Ferrari.


    What are the other criteria, according to you, to differentiate the Ferrari F355 from the Ferrari 360 Modena that could be decisive when making a choice? If you own a Ferrari F355, why have you preferred it over the Ferrari 360 Modena? And if you own a Ferrari 360 Modena, why doesn't the Ferrari F355 catched your attention?


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