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    Long-term test: Riton's Ferrari 430 Scuderia


    The Ferrari 430 Scuderia is one of the most desirable recent Ferraris, for its lighter, stripped-down, track-oriented side, with performance up from the Ferrari F430 and an aggressive look of its own. With a production reduced to just over 2,000 cars, a fine copy remains difficult to find and its cost remains high. Under these conditions, the more you know the model, the more you will be able to make a quick decision not to miss the gem.


    How to find the best information on buying a Ferrari 430 Scuderia? What should you look out for before you take the plunge and sign your check? What to expect in terms of user costs? The best is to ask an owner, who has already followed the same path. Riton was kind enough to answer my questions regarding the purchase of its Ferrari 430 Scuderia and its long-term use. You will find in this interview interesting information, for you to access the dream and acquire your Ferrari 430 Scuderia too.




    Franck: Hello Riton. What is your history with cars quickly and why did you choose the Ferrari 430 Scuderia?


    Riton: Hello Franck. First, offering myself a Ferrari 430 Scuderia at 40 is the culmination of a long journey for the Cavalino Rampante enthusiast. My automotive journey has always been part of this logic because even when I bought a Renault Sport Spider with my first salaries, even when I became a member of Club Lotus France, even when I had the opportunity to drive in a Porsche I knew deep down that the ultimate goal was to own a Ferrari, the bella macchina par excellence. The 430 Scuderia was obviously part of this logic for me because I wanted a modern car, not being a mechanical professional, but also a stripped down car closer to the image I had of a Ferrari. The Ferrari Challenge Stradale would have been another possibility, but the tighter lines of the Scuderia made the difference.




    Franck: What were your criteria for buying a Ferrari 430 Scuderia and how did you find your copy?


    Riton: For me, the essentials were the harnesses, the roll bar, the LED steering wheel, the fire extinguisher, the calipers in red and the original racing stripes. I wanted an interior in technical fabric or Alcantara, more consistent in my opinion with the vocation of the car. Two other points were imperative in making a dream come true: Rosso Corsa and full service history in the Ferrari network. It was therefore natural that I found my car at Pozzi, where I went very regularly for two years, before taking action.


    Franck: Immediately after the purchase, what impressed you most about your Ferrari 430 Scuderia?


    Riton: My apprehension concerned the Superfast 2 gearbox, or more precisely the use of pallets. As soon as I left the dealership, on the day of delivery, I forced myself not to switch to auto mode, including on the Paris ring road, and since then I enjoy each change of gear.




    Franck: Looking back, what are the good sides of your copy of Ferrari 430 Scuderia and the possible problems or faults encountered?


    Riton: I have owned this Ferrari 430 Scuderia for 7 months and it would be presumptuous to say that I master it perfectly, that I know all its strengths and all its weaknesses. Among the good sides, I will mention the sound and the gear changes, brutal and terribly addictive. Harnesses are not a constraint with an electronic toll system and, in my opinion, fully participate in the spirit of the car. Its only defect is related to the technical fabric which wrinkles a little when it is exposed to too strong heat. I also found the rear aesthetically too heavy, with badly "finished" exhaust tips, but by opting for titanium tips in Ferrari accessories, I solved the problem.




    Franck: Can you tell us about the costs involved in normal use of a Ferrari 430 Scuderia?


    Riton: I chose a specimen benefiting from the Ferrari Approved guarantee, certainly a little more expensive but psychologically very reassuring. Over the first two years, I therefore plan to spend between 1,000 and 1,500 euros per year for the annual review. My only concern is the wear on the clutch. So I strive to respect the advice found on the Ferrarista.club forum.


    Franck: What advice would you give to someone looking to buy a Ferrari 430 Scuderia?


    Riton: It is very easy to crack on a Scuderia. Before buying it is better to draw up a very precise list of the configuration chosen and stick to it. I would tend to prefer a model equipped with a harness and a roll bar, very expensive to install as an aftermarket, and in my opinion completely consistent with the spirit of the car. They will add value to the car in the event of resale. Finally, it is necessary to check, of course, the percentages of wear and have the suspension arms assessed, a recognized weakness of the Ferrari 430 Scuderia. After that ... it's only happiness!




    A big THANK YOU to Riton for all this information. What drew you the most from reading this interview? What other questions would you have liked to ask? If you also own a Ferrari 430 Scuderia, what other advice would you give?


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