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    Long-term test: Ferrari California T by FCT-95


    The Ferrari California appeared in the Ferrari catalog in 2009. Followed by the Ferrari California T in 2014, replaced by the Ferrari Portofino in 2017, it allowed many owners to access the Ferrari myth, with an easy-to-use car. everyday use, equipped with a V8 engine, two small seats in the rear and a retractable roof. It was clearly going to hunt on the grounds of more general brands and the success was there.

    What to look for if you're looking for a Ferrari California? Which options to favor? What are the points to check? What to expect in terms of usage costs? How can you make your Ferrari experience a dream come true? The best thing is always to get feedback from an owner who has owned the model for a few years.

    @FCT-95 owns a Ferrari California T, equipped with a new twin-turbo V8 compared to the Ferrari California. He tells you his story with his Ferrari. The opportunity to learn a lot about this model.


    Ferrari California T.jpg


    @FranckWhat is your automotive background and why did you choose the Ferrari California?


    @FCT-95Having spent my time working, I realized at 38 (in 2007) that it would be time to treat myself. So I bought my first 4-wheeled toy: a BMW Z3, 2.8l - 193 hp, English green, cream interior. Then in 2016, a BMW Z4, 35i (306 hp, 7 double clutch gearbox, midnight blue, ivory interior, crazy sound system). The criteria were the same each time: convertible, excellent engine, long hood. I then looked towards Stuttgart, forgetting the pleasure of the long hood. In the 911 (997 or 991), I had the same sensations as in the Z4, in short a German, nothing more. After much hesitation, I dared to go to Pozzi with some ulterior motives and still looking for a convertible with the engine in the front.

    @Franck: What were your criteria for purchasing a Ferrari California and how did you manage to find your copy?


    @FCT-95The Portofino not being in my budget, I put my project on hold for a few months and discovered the Ferrari California T. I wanted it red, Cuoio interior, with all the maintenance invoices. At the end of 2019, I returned to Pozzi. They had one on consignment/sale. I sat on the quality of the sound system. I loved the carbon steering wheel with its LEDs. 3 days later, after trying it, I signed. 14 long days later, I went to pick her up with my son. An unforgettable moment !


    Ferrari California T interieur.jpg


    @FranckHow do you use the California T on a daily basis?

    @FCT-95Over the last 4 years, with the Ferrari California, we have participated in the Italian Meeting in Montlhéry (this is the opportunity to tour on a circuit with 2 banking). We filmed at Les Ecuyers then at Mas du Clos during the 2022 then 2023 meetings of Ferrarista.club. Clearly the Mas du Clos is the most suitable for our cars. I'm not a pilot. The circuit allows me to have fun letting go of the horses (and grilling the atmosphere). On the other hand, I am not a fan of heavy braking when entering corners.

    My real use is a few romantic weekends each year (Bordelais, Burgundy, the Opal Coast, Normandy, SPA, Champagne, the Loire). I take care to always have a closed parking lot. But I admit that having left it several times just anywhere during the day, I haven't had the slightest problem yet.

    We went to the Le Mans Classic with the club and we did the Route des Grandes Alpes (Thonon to Menton via the highest French Alpine road passes). The two have nothing to do with each other but are great! In my countryside, I take one or two rides a month for the pleasure of hearing the V8 sing and for the thumbs-up from the kids and bikers. Incidentally, this allows the fluids to rotate, which is good for our beautiful machines.

    I forgot, after buying your Ferrari online, you are invited to the launches of new vehicles in always nice settings.


    @Franck: What struck you the most about your Ferrari California in use?


    @FCT-95Its "everyday" comfort, this phenomenal and infinite acceleration, the pleasure I have in looking at it both from the outside and from the inside, this noise it makes when you accelerate enough but not too much, the smell of leather. On the irritating side, the steering wheel sometimes forgets to go back down to the driving position when I turn on the ignition and there is this incessant squeaking in the passenger seat (when there is no passenger). Sometimes I just sit in there for fun. Late one evening, I discovered that my son was already in the car :-).


    Ferrari California T exterieur.jpg


    @FranckCan you tell us about the costs incurred for normal use of a Ferrari California (insurance, annual maintenance, major service, unforeseen events, etc.)?


    @FCT-95My Ferrari California dates from 2015 and had a 7-year warranty. I haven't had any unpleasant mechanical or other surprises yet. The 2023 revision cost ~€1,800 at Pozzi. Thanks to @Jérôme46 and the article on last year's 458 Special, I changed Allianz insurance agent to join the Parisseaux firm in Le Mans. I now pay ~€1,000/year for 7,000 km.


    @FranckIn your opinion, what are the points to watch out for on a Ferrari California over time?


    @FCT-95The squeaking of the passenger seat and the little electrical problems that I spoke about but I think they are insoluble (by Pozzi's own admission). But is this the answer to your question? Nothing to report on a car that is a little over 8 years old.


    Ferrari California T moteur.jpg


    @Franck: And if you had to do it again ?


    @FCT-95: I will take the same one again. It's simple, the MIF (Meeting International Ferrarista) is an opportunity to look at the Ferraris of other members of the club, to get in them, to take a ride as a passenger, to chat. Well, after hours of discussions with friends, I can't think of a better car and I happily sit back behind the wheel of my Calif.

    @FranckHow do you use Ferrarista for your experience with your Ferrari? What does the Ferrarista community bring you?


    @FCT-95Every year, I participate in the F1 predictions competition hosted by @Zaz (thanks again), the calendar, the MIF (thanks also to @Stradale V8 and @Calif38). In the club I find a common passion, common interests, a way of thinking that suits me, nice members that I enjoy meeting.

    A big THANK YOU @FCT-95 for all this information for those wishing to know more about the Ferrari California T!

    If you own this model, what other advice would you give to a future buyer? What to pay attention to when purchasing?

    If you are interested in purchasing one, what additional information would you like?




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