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    Long term test : SPDK 90's Ferrari 488 GTB

    spdk 90

    The Ferrari 488 GTB made a lot of noise with the arrival of the turbo on Ferrari V8 engines, with the fear that noise, precisely, there is no more, or at least not enough. However, the turbo V8 was nothing new at Ferrari since the legendary Ferrari 288 GTO and Ferrari F40, no less, are also equipped with a turbo V8. So how does it compare to the Ferrari 458 Italia it replaced? Are anti-pollution standards killing fun and ultimately brands like Ferrari? We have a lot of feedback on Ferrarista on Ferrari that are no longer produced, but this is rarer on Ferrari that are in production at the time of writing. Also a big THANK YOU to @spdk 90 who gives us here his feedback with his Ferrari 488 GTB, which he can compare us with the Ferrari 468 Italia he previously owned.


    Franck : What is your driving history and why did you choose the Ferrari 488 GTB?


    SPDK 90 : My car background: Renault Clio 16s, Renault Clio Williams, VW Golf cabriolet GTI, BMW Z3 2 liters and BMW Z3M, Porsche Boxster 2.5, and 3.2, Porsche Cayman S PDK 320ch, Audi R8 V8 and Audi R8 V10 spider , Ferrari 458 Italia and now Ferrari 488 GTB.


    Why did I choose the Ferrari 488 GTB? The Ferrari 458 Italia was for me the best of all my cars. Regarding the Ferrari 488 GTB, I basically hated turbos because of the wind tunnel sound and the acceleration response time. But Ferrari Strasbourg / Mulhouse left it with me for a weekend and ... I had a hard time returning it. Ferrari has reinvented the turbo! The Ferrari 488 GTB has all the best features of the Ferrari 458 Special: it couldn't be missed.



    Franck : What were your criteria for buying a Ferrari 488 GTB and how did you find this one?


    SPDK 90 : My purchasing criteria were absolutely a Race configuration, so leather and alcantara racing seat, a carbon steering wheel, stripes, anthracite rims, etc. The problem was that a lot of the cars were under-equipped. Suddenly the purchase of a new one, with a wait of 11 months, was imperative. 


    Mr. Olivier Beaune of Ferrari Sausheim took over the Ferrari 458 Italia from me two years after its purchase and with 16,000 kilometers traveled without problems at the same price, subject to consignment. My beauty has since gone to Corsica. I recommend Mr. Olivier Beaune for listening, advice, take-over values and very good customer support. 

    The configuration of my Ferrari 458 Italia was more the one of a GT car: Rosso Scuderia with full beige leather, Diamond rims, etc. While my Ferrari 488 GTB is ultimately more racing with carbon, Goldrake seats, Alcantara, the Led steering wheel, in Rosso Corsa color, with the camera, etc.




    Franck : Immediately after the purchase, what did you like the most about driving your Ferrari 488 GTB?


    SPDK 90 : The Ferrari 488 GTB is a real glue, it is taped to the bitumen. At the wheel, you are glued to the seats and the acceleration is stratospheric. On the other hand, it is really very wide. But seeing the big intake vents in the mirrors is pure bliss. 


    By comparison, the Ferrari 458 Italia is a marvel, plus the sound and minus the jerkiness, braking and some assembly faults.


    In the Ferrari 488 GTB, the build quality is worthy of a German car. It is a real glue stuck to the ground, with no response time from the turbos. The sound for a turbo is great, it is huge compared to the Ferrari 458 and the braking is awesome.




    Franck : Can you tell us about the costs incurred for normal use of a Ferrari 488 GTB (insurance, annual maintenance, major overhaul, unforeseen events, etc.)? 


    SPDK 90 : For the moment, I have driven 7,000 kilometers at the wheel of the Ferrari 488 GTB, no problem to report, a super reliable vehicle still so wonderful, always so bestial.


    For insurance, I am on a budget of 1,900 euros per year, which includes a replacement cost option for 600 euros per year. For the rest, I get the 7 year maintenance, but I think you have to plan a good tire budget compared to the Ferrari 458 Italia.




    Franck : And if you had to do it again ?


    SPDK 90 : I would do the same thing again: the same model in the same garage. Olivier Beaune from the Ferrari Sausheim dealership does his job very well.

    What about you, do you have any more questions for @spdk 90? And if you also own a Ferrari 488 GTB, what could you add to help other members get to know this model better? What are the big pluses of the model from your point of view? Why did you choose the Ferrari 488 GTB?




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