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    Long-term tests: the Ferrari 308 GTB QV by Jean66


    Did you have his poster in your room? This is the Magnum Ferrari, a classic, timeless, magnificent! Highly appreciated and sought after, it symbolizes the Ferrari, while remaining relatively accessible and in keeping with the times. How to find the right copy? What to expect in terms of maintenance costs? What elements to pay attention to in prevention? What sensations can you expect at the wheel, for a car that is around forty years old?

    It's @Jean66, a converted Porsche fundamentalist, who will tell you about his and share his feedback with you, exuding passion and authenticity.


    @Franck Quickly, what is your automotive background and the memory of your first Ferrari experience?


    @Jean66 It all starts with my father who was a great enthusiast of sports cars, and a great maniac, a high-level competitor in Karting. So in the atmosphere of beautiful cars and sport, I quickly became passionate. I got my license 2 days after my 18th birthday. I already knew how to drive 🙂 after a 2 hp and a Fiat Panda 45, at 20 years old, my first sports car was a Fiat 128 Abarth and the BMW 323 I E21 that my dad lent me and told me "don't break it".. .If he knew what I did with it... 🙂 An Opel Manta GSI that I loved, then a few BMW 3 series which went well and, very quickly, at the age of 24, the start of a long line of Porsche 911s, with which I did all kinds of motorsport. And all the time, the good old days!


    My first Ferrari experience in 2014 was a stunning Giallo Modena yellow Ferrari F355 GTS. His line drove me crazy! I wanted at all costs: a yellow one without a roof. I bought it without seeing it, by word of mouth, and through Porsche and Ferrari friends. And so, it was her discovery at the brand specialist with whom she was, because its owner did not want to make himself known, and preferred to go through a “pro”. Its start-up and exit from said garage, in Lyon, a memorable moment of stress and great happiness, my first laps in a Ferrari! I quickly learned the beast! The dream of a Ferrari came true!




    Model years: 1982-1985  Engine: V8 3,0l 32s Transmission: Manual 5 gears
    Maximum power: 240 ch at 7 000 tr/min Maximum torque:  260 Nm at 5 000 tr/min
    Kerb weight: 1 275 kg Top speed:  255 km/h Acceleration: 6,1s from 0 to 100 km/h


    @Franck When did you decide to have a Ferrari and why did you choose the Ferrari 308 today?


    @Jean66 I decided to move to Ferrari after almost 25 years of absolute passion dedicated to Porsche and the 911, and therefore for a very sad reason. The ambient autophobia and the helping repression in France meant that I completely changed my path by calling myself, the Porsche fundamentalist, and why not a Ferrari?

    Telling myself, a car that we look at and experience like a work of art, and which is less encouraging to get into it, than a 911, which will suit me more at that moment. And so I entered the legend with a yellow Ferrari F355 GTS, then a Ferrari 360 Spider, also yellow, to finally return to the old ones that I love so much.

    I didn't choose her, she chose me! LA 308! in GTB and quattrovalvole, called QV, rare model. Only 748 examples were produced, almost half the production of the Ferrari F40.., and a rare beauty! Because I wanted to rediscover the feeling of my old 911s, and I was not disappointed! The sensations and performances are there, you don't need to be at 200 km/h to enjoy it! This Ferrari is a world of permanent senses, extraordinary!




    @Franck What were your criteria for purchasing a Ferrari 308 and how did you manage to find your copy?


    @Jean66 I don't have any particular criteria in general, other than a copy with a clear history and rather a high-performance version. I am a great perfectionist, so already in very good general condition. This is just the basics for me. This time I wanted it red.

    On the other hand, she was the one who found me! This Ferrari 308 GTB QV fell on me like love at first sight. Destiny made me come across it and ride with it, a memorable weekend! Thanks to its former owner and friend who dared to lend it to me! Because I had just sold my Ferrari 360 Spider, while I was registered for the GT in the heart of Carcassonne, an annual Ferrari charity event not to be missed!

    And so, no longer owning a Ferrari, when I came back from this event, I just told him "I loved it so much! One day it will be mine" and that was the case 5 years later. I thank him again, he who had also pampered her for 7 years, before being willing to hand her over to me! Thanks again to you @Oliv. For your passion and this adventure that I perpetuate with this Ferrari 308 QV, this true Italian, with a clear past.




    @Franck What is your experience with your Ferrari 308 in use?


    @Jean66 Well we can already say, only happiness!! Just seeing it, opening the door and smelling it, sitting there, already puts a smile on your face! And turning the key, it’s just Wow! In short, an extraordinary experience! Whatever the reason for the trip, it's a treat, knowing that I'm mainly doing leisure with it. A few exhibitions, but that's not really my thing. I especially like driving, personal rides, club outings, or old-timers, and historic regularity rallying.


    In use, whether in town, on the highway, or in the mountains, this Ferrari is a real Swiss army knife. Its engine and chassis approval allows a very wide choice of uses, and above all very reliable. I always leave without any second thoughts regarding a possible breakdown.




    @Franck What struck you the most while driving it?


    @Jean66 How can we explain this feeling? A return to basics. With it, I rediscovered the sensations and the excitement that I had when I had my very first 911. And the smile! It's been almost ten years since I lost my faith. I had fun with my cars, but without the flame that this 308 QV reignited in me! An indescribable sensation, that those who have had it, or experience it, will understand. Just riding with it is memorable. Just writing these lines, and thinking about it, makes me smile!


    @Franck What is your fondest memory with her?


    @Jean66 Without hesitation, my first contact with her. My first laps of the wheels to get to the GT du coeur in Carcassonne, from the Var and back, including the weekend on site. We even had snow, but that will stay with me for life! On the way back, I told her owner that one day she would be mine... and indeed 5 years later, she was mine.




    @Franck Can you tell us about the costs incurred for normal use of a Ferrari 308 (insurance, annual maintenance, major overhaul, tires, unforeseen events, etc.)?


    @Jean66 Regarding this question, I'm not going to take my example because I'm a bit fada, as they say back home in the South. I do almost everything preventatively and I want perfection... but to put it simply, it is a very reliable and very affordable car in terms of maintenance and miscellaneous costs.

    Even if the specific coins happily follow the curve of the rating and galloping inflation. All the mechanics are largely affordable for a good Sunday mechanic, or any real mechanic. There are no specific subtleties, and everything is known. Knowing also that the Ferrarista forum helps if you need specific information. Since then, almost everything there has been explored and could have an answer.


    Some key figures :

    - all-risk insurance, based on appraisal value, €1,000 on average per year,

    - a basic annual overhaul, excluding labor, €200 to €400,

    - Michelin tires in 16,500 € for 4 installed,

    - a major revision with a hyper accessible distribution and easily valid for 5 years, 1500 to 2000 €, 3000 perhaps with a renowned professional,


    In short, average costs for this type of car from the 80s. The ideal being for me, either do it yourself, or take it to an independent who knows the subject, without extorting you because it's is a Ferrari. I will not comment on the official network, for this type of model, and having no real experience.

    As for big surprises, or very, very big revisions, plan for a basket of 10,000 euros and you're good to go.

    Keep in mind, though, that it's an old Ferrari, and regardless, costs can add up very, very quickly!


    @Franck In your opinion, what are the points to watch out for on a Ferrari 308 over time?


    @Jean66 Paradoxically, if everything is done regularly, it is in good general operating and maintenance condition, it is driven as often as possible, I don't see any particular points to watch out for, ah yes... your driving license 🙂




    @Franck What preventative measures can be taken, or even improvements?


    @Jean66 There, it's very simple, on average, they are around forty years old. Even if the Ferrari 308 QV is renowned as one of the most reliable and efficient, and the last manufactured, if it has not been done, or too old, all the running gear connections, all the hoses, without exception, complete check of the electrical harness. 

    For improvements, two sure bets: the famous classic Koni shock absorbers, set to the hardest, if you play with them. It's still a Ferrari! Basically a car designed by a competitive man. And Michelin Pilot Sport 4 tires for the 16' rims! Improvement coupled with redone running gear, and good geometry, and it's just extraordinary, the 308 comes back to life, and becomes formidable! And very secure in sporty driving.

    For prevention, obviously, the fuse box! Also imperative to improve. Over time, it has a strong tendency to catch fire. And the electric windows. Grease, in doors and engines, dries over time and blocks everything. There are tutorials and posts on the forum to explain all this 😉


    @Franck And if you had to do it again ?


    @Jean66 But yes and without any hesitation!! Me, the former fundamentalist Porschist, who was ready to piss on the wheel of a Ferrari when I saw one...what an idiot! Another world, a legendary brand! What a joy to be able to experience this in your life as a car enthusiast!


    @Franck And if you could have any Ferrari, what would be next?


    @Jean66 Argggh what a tough question! Obviously the Ferrari 250 GTO, or an F40. But almost too banal 🙂 Actually a Ferrari 288 GTO would be perfect!



    @Franck How do you use Ferrarista for your experience with your Ferrari?


    @Jean66 I spend there every day, from a few minutes to a few hours. I post there regularly about my Ferrari. I share my experiences on everything that revolves around my Ferrari 308. I often add photos. A Ferrari is so beautiful. And I don't fail to look for an answer or ask a question to the big names of the model who are there: in short, essential! Besides, I think that without Ferrarista, my car would not be as good as I wanted it to be.

    And then what pride to display the now famous annual crest, club sticker, on my quarter panel.


    @Franck What does the Ferrarista community bring you?



    Lots of things, exchanges and sharing above all, information, and a view on all the models and their owners. I discovered a community that I never suspected, enthusiasts with quite incredible knowledge of the brand and models, and all good-natured, with general respect, without the "I'm the one who has the most.. ." Always ready to keep the forum alive, I won't be able to do without it. I became a real Ferrarista addict,

    Thanks Franck!


    @Franck A big THANK YOU @Jean66 for your very detailed feedback, a gold mine for anyone interested in the Ferrari 308!


    If you own a Ferrari 308, would you have any other points to add for a future owner?

    If you are interested in this model, do you have any additional questions?


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