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    Long-term test: Ferrari 308 GTB by OliveBDR


    The Ferrari 308 is a classic Ferrari model, much loved and particularly popular with those who watched Magnum's adventures on television in the 80s. But beyond the dream, what can you expect from a Ferrari 308 today? today? How do I find a good copy? What points to watch in particular when buying? What to expect in terms of maintenance?

    As always in the "Long-term test" series, it's an owner who will answer all these questions, that is to say the best placed person! Thanks to
    @OliveBdr for agreeing to play the feedback game, to make the Ferrari 308 better known.




    @Franck Quickly, what is your automotive background and why did you choose the Ferrari 308?


    @OliveBdr :  Like many enthusiasts, it started very early. As a child I collected posters of beautiful Italian cars from the 70s/80s (Ferrari Testarossa, 308, Dino and other Lamborghini Countach). Of course, I also devoured the few American and English television series that regularly showed these cars.

    More than anything, it was their line that moved me. I notice that it is particularly the paw of Malcom Sayer (E-type) and that of Leonardo Fioravanti which marked my youth.

    I then understood the merits of “light is right”. The Caterhams and Lotus Elans that I had the chance to own showed me the virtuous side of this approach. So I quite naturally lean towards small cars, not too heavy. In the Ferrari universe, this logically led me to the Ferrari 308 because I couldn't touch the Dino grail.




    @Franck : What were your criteria for buying a Ferrari 308 and how did you find this copy?


    @OliveBdr : For lack of means, I very quickly learned to take care of my motorcycles myself, then my cars. This is now an integral part of the pleasure they give me. Knowing how to use them and how they work, in detail.

    The only really complementary criteria for me were therefore the pedigree, the history, the traceability and the "complete" side of the car. After two years of searching, I was about to give up. It was finally a member of Ferrarista who put me in touch with an owner who was thinking about selling his car… It corresponded perfectly to my expectations.




    @Franck : What struck you the most about your Ferrari 308 in use?


    @OliveBdr : It is a rustic car, simple to use and simple to maintain. Accessibility to the majority of organs is generally good but the parts are expensive. It is therefore necessary to study the maintenance history in order to correctly define its purchase price.

    In use, the steering is hard when stationary, firm at low speed, but simply perfect on small roads. Its performance makes it perfectly consistent with the joys of security repression. Its dimensions allow it to fit easily into traffic, even in town or on small, narrow roads.

    Despite my meter eighty, it is remarkably comfortable even on long journeys. Braking is a bit dated, especially compared to modern productions. But its cornering behavior is delicious as the running gear faithfully communicates the road. In the winding, we find many points in common with the Lotus Seven.

    The cockpit is exquisite. All the aesthetic codes of the sports cars of the 60s/70s are there. It is also fun to compare it with a Dino. The small rockers, the large needles, the speed grid and its lever that slams when you handle it at a sustained pace...

    The materials are solid, carpets and leathers are thick. Only the reflection of the meter cap in the windshield is annoying. The entire dashboard deserves a matte, flocked material like that of a 246.

    The sound volume is quite bearable with its original exhaust. You can carry on a conversation without pushing your voice, even on the highway. It is also surprising to observe how well it is soundproofed, because the sound volume outside is much more demonstrative!




    @Franck : Can you tell us about the costs incurred for normal use of a Ferrari 308 (insurance, annual maintenance, major overhaul, contingencies, etc.)?


    @OliveBdr The price of insurance is quite reasonable, even with a general insurer. I pay less than 600 euros for all risks per year. Fuel consumption is also reasonable for a V8 designed in the 1970s… around 10 liters per 100 when driving gently. The cost of maintenance depends mainly on the ability to do it yourself, and on the condition of the car at the time of purchase. It takes a ticket of 15,000 euros (+50% labor) to catch up on neglected maintenance. Then 1000 euros per year (+50% labor) for monitoring if you drive little (5000km per year). Again, it's light, rustic and strong...it helps a lot.




    @Franck : In your opinion, what are the points to watch out for on a Ferrari 308 over time


    @OliveBdr Probably the same as those of the 206, 246, 308 Dino and 328. But also the same as all the car production of the 80s. Let me explain. These cars sold for the price of a Dacia 20 years ago. They were therefore neglected because the cost of maintaining them was not commensurate with their purchase value. Also, their maintenance record rarely followed the car. It is therefore often necessary to start all over again at the time of purchase.

    The points to be monitored are mainly the gearbox linkage seals, the sealing of the shaft covers with the ignition, the ignition cables, the fuel pump, the axle oil seals, the silent blocks of the gears, rack, ball joints and shock absorbers, engine silent blocks, timing and valve clearances. On the carb versions... the carbs! In short, more or less the same thing as on a Citroen DS or a Peugeot 403! We said it was rustic, right? Ferrarista is also a wealth of extraordinary information for diagnosing and maintaining our old cars.




    @Franck : And if we had to do it again ?


    @OliveBdr : I would do it again, but sooner. The 308 and 328 have an extraordinary line. Mix of dynamism and softness. The proportions are perfect, exciting but never vulgar. Looking at her would be enough for me. The engine is very well designed. It is the parallel of the light aviation twin engine. These are two independent 4-cylinders that work together. You had to think about it! With the type E, the 308 is for me the culmination of my definition of the automobile passion. Made to be admired, and to take its driver to the other side of the world!!!




    Thank you @OliveBdr for this exciting feedback on the Ferrari 308!

    If you too own a Ferrari 308, what other advice would you give to someone interested in owning one?

    If you're thinking about buying a Ferrari 308, what other questions would you want to ask an owner?


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