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    How to buy and maintain your Formula 1


    What do you think is the pinnacle of the sports car? What ideal car would you like to own and drive if your wildest dreams of speed could come true? You may not have the same answer as me, but it seems obvious to me that the most challenging motor competition is Formula 1. Getting behind the wheel of a Formula 1 is probably what is the most difficult and the most exclusive. I remember the TV journalists who barely managed to keep their Formula 1 on the track. And other journalists who spoke of a black veil as a passenger, in certain corners.


    How is it possible to realize your dream of owning a Formula 1? Can you acquire one of the most prestigious, namely a Ferrari? What are the costs involved? Under what conditions can you then benefit from it?




    How many Ferrari Formula 1s are available to customers?


    By browsing the Ferrari website, you will discover that nearly 200 Formula 1 produced by the prancing horse brand are now owned by customers. 200 really? How is such a figure possible?


    In fact, Ferrari builds up to 8 Formula 1 chassis per year. In 2001, 10 chassis had even been produced. You can find on the internet the list of names, serial numbers and chassis numbers built by Ferrari each year since 1948.


    In 1970, Ferrari started a new numbering of its Formula 1 chassis. This year, chassis numbers 275 to 279 are used in the championship. Ferrari sells its Formula 1 cars to its customers two years after production to make sure that no important secrets go to the competition in this way.




    How does Ferrari take care of your Formula 1?


    The department at Ferrari dedicated to the sale and maintenance of old Formula 1 cars is called "Ferrari F1 Clienti". Around 200 Formula 1 Ferraris are stored and serviced in Maranello. A specific warehouse, representing incredible value, contains these Formula 1s.


    When you buy one of these Formula 1s, specific settings may be requested, a seat is molded to your dimensions and training on the Fiorano circuit is provided.


    It is then former mechanics present at the edge of the Formula 1 tracks who take care of these very special cars. Outings on prestigious circuits are organized by the "Corse Clienti" department.




    What are the costs of owning a Formula 1 Ferrari?


    It is only possible to give you an idea because the costs vary a lot depending on the copies and their use. To my knowledge, the most recent Ferrari Formula 1 cars sell for between 2 and 2.5 million euros. The prices vary according to many parameters such as the prize list of the considered copy.


    In addition, there is an annual fee to store, maintain and offer you some circuit outings during the year. If my information is correct, these costs represent between 100 and 200,000 euros per year for a Ferrari. Obviously these cars are not under warranty. Any accident during an exit from the track results in a substantial check to restore your Formula 1 to its original state.


    If you also want to use your Formula 1 Ferrari on a particular circuit, near your home for example, Ferrari will ask you for 40,000 euros. This includes a full support team that travels for several days from Maranello with your Formula 1. If you find other Ferrari Formula 1 owners to tour with you on this circuit, you can share the costs.




    Which cars represent for you the pinnacle of sports cars? Would you buy a Formula 1 if you could afford it? If so, which model? Did you know that Ferrari has produced so many Formula 1s and that they are maintained in Maranello for its customers? Have you had the opportunity to watch Formula 1 cars run by the F1 Clienti service? Have you ever driven a Formula 1?


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