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    Long-term test: Nanthiat's Ferrari 458 Italia


    The Ferrari 458 Italia is the last Ferrari to offer an atmospheric V8, in its ultimate evolution without turbo, with the associated characteristic sound. As such, it is highly sought after, especially as it is recent and can still benefit from a Ferrari warranty. What do you need to know before taking the leap? What are its flaws? What to look for when buying? What to expect afterwards? @Nanthiat shares its feedback with you 5,000 kilometers after its purchase.



     @Franck :  What is your automotive background and why did you choose this Ferrari? What is your use of it? Since when ?

    @Nanthiat My automotive journey began at 49, at the dawn of my 50s, an age when you have to start thinking a little about yourself. Corvette, Mustang, Porsche are only childhood dreams, especially old ones, my goal being to have a heterogeneous collection.

    But one day I "dared" to go to Modena Sport where I was admirably received. Shortly after I left with a Ferrari 360 Spider. A story we like between car enthusiasts.


    It's not easy to get into a dealership like Ferrari, not easy at all. But they are aware of it and precisely they do everything to relax the atmosphere, very considerate but not heavy. In the end, it is an “experience” to buy a Ferrari, they understood it well and I thank them for it.



     @Franck :  What were your purchase criteria for this Ferrari and how did you find this copy?

    @Nanthiat During another visit to them, I was able to try a Ferrari FF and a Ferrari 458. Revelation for the Ferrari 458 Italia, impossible to miss this opportunity, which was like new: direct cracking!


    For me, the purchase from a Ferrari Authorized Dealer is an important criterion, because it is linked to a real guarantee and a real traceability, knowing that in addition, on the Ferrari 458 Italia, I have two years of guarantee. Who does better on a 10 year old car?



    @Franck : Immediately after the purchase, what struck you the most at the wheel of this Ferrari? 

    @Nanthiat Ease of handling is a bike. Easy at low rpm (it has torque), comfortable, magic box, a child can drive it... On the other hand, the other side of the coin, we go very very quickly with it.

    The finish is also noteworthy: Ferrari has really made great efforts on this point. Nothing to do with the Ferrari 360 Modena. And then, finally, she has a "plastic"! It's something to look at in your garage a Ferrari 458. We don't look at it, we contemplate it, it's a work of art



    @Franck : Can you tell us about the costs incurred for normal use of this Ferrari (insurance, annual maintenance, major overhaul, contingencies, etc.)?

    @Nanthiat On this point, I will not be very specific because it has only been in my procession for a few months. I only did 5,000 kilometers with it.


    The insurance, I pay 980€ with 50% bonus. Maintenance is relatively simple, there is the small overhaul and the big one, around €900 and €1,200, from memory.


    We are on another era compared to the old ones. No more tedious interviews! But I can't expand any further. She's 10 years old, 35,000 miles, nothing has changed.



    @Franck : And if you had to do it over again, what would you change? What advice would you give to someone looking for this Ferrari? What are its flaws? What to pay attention to? What improvements can be expected? 

    @Nanthiat To do it again: immediately! I intend to keep it for a long time.


    Advice, what to say about a Ferrari 458 Italia? Latest naturally aspirated V8 engine, designed by Pininfarina, tuned by Schumi, bewitching sound, easy to handle... hard not to recommend a 458. Proof of this is that it is highly sought after.


    His faults, ha! That damn steering wheel where all the controls are on it. A misery to understand and, ultimately, not at all practical. On-board computing is not intuitive, from another era. Too bad, the information is complete and useful, such as engine temperature, tires, gearbox and brakes at the same time. There is everything, you just have to find it.

    You have to be very careful, when buying, about its traceability and where it comes from. At Modena Sport, they sometimes research Ferrari 458 Italia for clients. They have a hard time finding nice cars.



    @Franck How do you use Ferrarista for your experience with your Ferrari? What does the Ferrarista community bring you?

    @Nanthiat I regularly come to Ferrarista. I share some of my experiences because, for me, there is no pleasure without sharing. I have all the info I'm looking for.

    I learn a lot of things, because I am a young padawan at Ferrari. I discover and document myself on the old models. I was very surprised, when I started, on the user-friendliness of the forum. Frankly, we are among enthusiasts, real ones. The forum is well done and structured as it should be. What, good luck.




    A big THANK YOU to @Nanthiat for this detailed feedback on the Ferrari 458 Italia. If you own one, what would you add to enlighten a future owner? If you are looking for one, what other information would you like to know about it?


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    il est en français la veille

    tapes " Essai longue durée : la Ferrari 458 Italia de Nanthiat" dans le moteur de recherche

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    Il y a 6 heures, Giallo-54 a dit :

    Pourquoi tout l’article est en anglais chez moi ? 😳

    Tu as dû cliquer sur le lien de la version anglaise dans le mail envoyé, ou, autre possibilité, ton navigateur est configuré en anglais, par exemple.

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