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  • Long-term test: Glyde's Ferrari 348

    The Ferrari 348 is sought after as a first Ferrari, for its relatively low cost, its look of a small Ferrari Testarossa, but also for its modernity, while avoiding any electronic aid. It is an accessible Ferrari but it is also its weak point: maintenance could have been neglected, because the maintenance costs remain those of a Ferrari. Finding a good copy then requires you to be even better informed. How do you know if the maintenance has been done? If the copy is in good condition? What to wat

    Glyde | 
    Purchase and resale

    How to buy and maintain your Formula 1

    What do you think is the pinnacle of the sports car? What ideal car would you like to own and drive if your wildest dreams of speed could come true? You may not have the same answer as me, but it seems obvious to me that the most challenging motor competition is Formula 1. Getting behind the wheel of a Formula 1 is probably what is the most difficult and the most exclusive. I remember the TV journalists who barely managed to keep their Formula 1 on the track. And other journalists who spoke of a

    Franck | 
    Purchase and resale

    Long term test : SPDK 90's Ferrari 488 GTB

    The Ferrari 488 GTB made a lot of noise with the arrival of the turbo on Ferrari V8 engines, with the fear that noise, precisely, there is no more, or at least not enough. However, the turbo V8 was nothing new at Ferrari since the legendary Ferrari 288 GTO and Ferrari F40, no less, are also equipped with a turbo V8. So how does it compare to the Ferrari 458 Italia it replaced? Are anti-pollution standards killing fun and ultimately brands like Ferrari? We have a lot of feedback on Ferrarista on

    spdk 90
    spdk 90 | 
    Purchase and resale

    Long-term test: Ferrari F12 Berlinetta by Trois Cinquante Cinq

    The Ferrari F12 Berlinetta and its fabulous V12 engine is very desirable, with its 740hp, the magnificent sound of the V12 and its agility of berlinette. It has been awarded by numerous magazines, among others with the prize for the best engine of the year in 2013. But what is the reality over the long run when you own it? Is there fun at each outing? Aren't the costs excessive to drive regularly? And how do you find a good copy? To find out, here is the return of @Trois cinquante cinq, a b

    Trois cinquante cinq
    Trois cinquante cinq | 
    Purchase and resale 2

    Long-term test: 458's Ferrari 458 Speciale

    The Ferrari 458 Speciale has the most powerful V8 atmospheric engine ever produced by Ferrari. As such, and because it is part of the line of special series like the Ferrari Challenge Stradale and Ferrari 430 Scuderia, it retains a very strong rating.   Is it the right time to buy a Ferrari 458 Speciale? Should you keep it? What to expect at the wheel and in terms of cost of use? You will get the most relevant information from an owner. @458, member of Ferrarista, who has had one for s

    458 | 
    Purchase and resale
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  • Recherche 328 GTS

    Bonsoir Je suis Michel pour info (granturismo s à Toulon 83) nouveau sur votre site, je suis a la recherche d'une 328 GTS Rouge Int Beige Y a t'il une personne sur le site souhaitant se séparer de son auto ? Ou des adresses de professionnels proposant ce modèle ?  Votre site est très intéressant et très riche d'information Félicitation A bientôt Michel

    chatain | 
    Ferrari 308 GT4 - 308 - 328 - Mondial

    A vendre :rajout feu ar en carbone 488

    Vend rajout novitec en carbone pour 488 État neuf 500€ https://www.suprcars.fr/ferrari-488/20831-361508-caches-feux-arriere-novitec-ferrari-488-pista.html  

    manu06110 | 
    Ferrari parts sale or search

    😍 roue neuve 430 challenge

    houston | 
    Ferrari F430 / 430 Scuderia - 360 Modena / Challenge Stradale 2

    Recherche Bouton Start

    je rentre en France en juin, la voiture sort d'un garage, le bouton Start me reste dans la main. Je fais gaffe tout l'été et aujourd'hui, récupère la caisse chez un carrossier, rebelote, le bouton tombe au bout de 15 minutes. Il y a trois ergots, un est cassé, le deuxième en train de casser, le troisième Ok. Question : Est-ce déjà arrivé à l'un d'entre vous ? Que faire, sauf comme Kani56 de le coller ? Evidemment pièce non détaillée chez Ferrari, c'est le volant à plus de 3000 boules ou rien. Me

    Zaz | 
    Ferrari parts sale or search 9

    Problème voyant airbag 550

    Bonjour  Depuis que j’ai ma Maranello, j’ai le voyant d’airbag allumé. Celle ci ayant été immobilisée longtemps, je pensais qu’un passage à la concession suffirait à l’effacer mais ça n’a pas été le cas. D’après es eux, la centrale serait HS suite à l’immobilisation, ce qui me semble quand même curieux... Quelqu’un sait-il s’il y a un fusible et où se situe t’il ? Je ne trouve aucune info sur le carnet à ce sujet. Merci d’avance !  

    coyote | 
    Ferrari 456 - 550 Maranello / 575 M 3
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