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    Since 2007, we are a community of Ferrari owners where mutual aid and shared pleasure is much more important than the price of your car. Our goal is to help you to fully live your Ferrari dream: from the purchase to the optimal maintenance of your Ferrari, over the years, but above all the meetings with other enthusiasts like you, outings in Ferraris on roads and circuits, visits to factories and museums ... to live extraordinary shared moments, which will remain engraved as unique Ferrari experiences.


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  • Long term test: Ferrari 328 GTS by anto328GTS44

    And why not a Ferrari 328 GTS? It's a very beautiful classic Ferrari, with sensual Italian lines, allowing you to drive with your hair in the wind to better hear the vocals of the Ferrari V8, while remaining relatively reasonable in cost. What to expect behind the wheel of a Ferrari 328 GTS? Is this a Ferrari made for you, for your use, for your selection criteria? @Anto328GTS44 tells you in detail his story with his Ferrari 328 GTS, to know what to watch out for, what are the costs of use,

    Anto328GTS44 | 
    Purchase and resale

    18+ stories of the best Ferrari at Retromobile 2024

    Why does the Ferrari brand benefit from such an aura, placing it above all others? The Ferraris that you discover at Rétromobile give you the answer, allowing you to travel through automotive history. What were the most beautiful Ferraris present at Rétromobile in 2024? How can we learn about their fascinating history? And their chassis number, essential, because it allows you to follow their evolution over the years?   A 2024 innovation on Ferrarista.club will help you: the photos fro

    Franck | 
    Meetings and events 3

    The ultimate guide to Ferrari 360 Modena options and versions

    Why is there such a price gap between two Ferrari 360 Modenas? What options are essential if you want to resell your Ferrari 360 Modena more easily? What improvements have been made to the Ferrari 360 Modena over the years? What elements were really delivered as standard or optional, or even as a free option? Which items on this example of Ferrari 360 Modena are not factory options? If you own or are interested in purchasing a Ferrari 360 Modena, knowing this information is essential to fully un

    Franck | 
    Purchase and resale

    Long-term tests: the Ferrari 308 GTB QV by Jean66

    Did you have his poster in your room? This is the Magnum Ferrari, a classic, timeless, magnificent! Highly appreciated and sought after, it symbolizes the Ferrari, while remaining relatively accessible and in keeping with the times. How to find the right copy? What to expect in terms of maintenance costs? What elements to pay attention to in prevention? What sensations can you expect at the wheel, for a car that is around forty years old? It's @Jean66, a converted Porsche fundamentalist, wh

    Jean66 | 
    Purchase and resale

    How I found and restored my registered Ferrari F355 Challenge

    How can you successfully buy that rare, sought-after, hard-to-find Ferrari that you dream of? How to move forward in such a project, not give up in the face of disappointments, find the right opportunities, the right contacts, the right service providers? @kani56-Stradale56 details his Ferrari F355 Challenge project step by step, over the 3 years it lasted, in the middle of his ultra-busy schedule, to inspire you, give you ideas, make you dream!     Features Years: 199

    Stradale56 (kani56)
    Stradale56 (kani56) | 
    Purchase and resale 2


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  • 5ième Meeting International Ferrarista.club

    26 September 2024, 10:00 PM    28 September 2024, 10:00 PM
    OUVERTURE DES INSCRIPTIONS POUR LE  5IEME MEETING INTERNATIONAL FERRARISTA.CLUB LE SAMEDI 23 MARS A 10H   L'édition 2024 se déroulera du vendredi 27 au dimanche 29 septembre 2024 dans les Vosges.   Le nombre de places étant limité pour cet événement très demandé chaque année (toutes les places parties en deux jours en 2023), merci de vous inscrire tôt pour être certain de pouvoir y participer.   Nous aurons grand plaisir à vous accueillir dans les Vos

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  • Projet arceau 360

    Bon je monte encore d un cran    j ai l arceau, merci Vincent un original 360 challenge    et je démonte maintenant l intérieur  Une nouvel fois   j ai trouvé l intérieur de challenge    c était soit ça ou soit découper le tableau de bord     

    houston | 
    Ferrari F430 / 430 Scuderia - 360 Modena / Challenge Stradale 10

    Formule 1 2024 #11 : Grand Prix d'Autriche à Spielberg

    Prochain GP dimanche en Autriche avec une course sprint le samedi   Programme TV : (chaines TV de Canal à vérifier)   Vendredi 28 Juin 2024 12h30 : EL1 F1 (Canal+ sport) 16h30 : Qualif sprint (Canal+ sport)   Samedi 29 Juin 2024 12h00 : Sprint (Canal+ sport) 16h00 : Qualifications F1 (Canal+)   Dimanche 30 Juin 2024 15h00 : Grand Prix d'Autriche (Canal+)

    geo27 | 
    Formula 1 and racing 1

    Bugatti Tourbillon

    La nouvelle Bugatti Tourbillon (ou plutôt TourBillion💰💰), remplaçante de la Chiron. V16, 1800 chevaux et enfin un bruit moteur digne ?  

    tifosi101 | 
    Other supersport marques 37

    Phare 512 tr (remplacement)

    Je cherche à remplacer le phare de ma 512 tr suite à l’impact d’un gravier avant que le phare se casse  compliqué à trouver en occasion….   je suis tomber sur le site suivant      après quelques échanges de mails je pense que cela peut me convenir  je suis preneur d’infos si vous en avez  merci 

    Bagnaud | 
    Ferrari 456 - 550 Maranello / 575 M 13

    Recherche F 8 SPIDER

    Bonjour les amis   je recherche une F8 Spider après 2021 - 10.000 kms  Sièges confort ou racing en Alcantara Suspension Lift obligatoire PDIS écran passager Si vous en avez une ou connaissez quelqu'un n'hésitez pas à bientôt Toni

    ToniBleu TDF
    ToniBleu TDF | 
    Ferrari sale or search 7


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