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    Long term test: Ferrari 328 GTS by anto328GTS44


    And why not a Ferrari 328 GTS? It's a very beautiful classic Ferrari, with sensual Italian lines, allowing you to drive with your hair in the wind to better hear the vocals of the Ferrari V8, while remaining relatively reasonable in cost.

    What to expect behind the wheel of a Ferrari 328 GTS? Is this a Ferrari made for you, for your use, for your selection criteria? @Anto328GTS44 tells you in detail his story with his Ferrari 328 GTS, to know what to watch out for, what are the costs of use, what are the pleasures provided, ...




    Model years: 1985-1989  Engine: V8 3,2l 32s Transmission: Manual 5 gears
    Maximum power: 270 ch at 7 000 tr/min Maximum torque: 304 Nm at 5 500 tr/min
    Kerb weight: 1 263 kg Top speed: 260 km/h - Acceleration : 6,3 s from 0 to 100 km/h


    @FranckQuickly, what is your automotive background and the memory of your first Ferrari experience?

    @Anto328GTS44: I was a motorcyclist at the start and, to make a long story short, a bit like those TV shows that restore for profit to move up the car range, one of my first collector's cars, which I restored, was a DAF 33 of 1969.


    DAF 33 Avant.jpg DAF 33.jpg


    Then, to try to make a big move after reselling the DAF, I bought this Elegant Coachworks Special from 1985, with an 8.2l Cadillac V8.

    This “big move” ended at zero but allowed me to purchase the Ferrari.


    Elegante.jpg  Elegante après.jpg


    @FranckWhen did you decide to have a Ferrari and why did you choose the Ferrari 328?

    @Anto328GTS44: After the Elegante, I was undecided on the next one, to stay in an American V8 (Corvette C1) or look for the V8 of my childhood, Ferrari 308 or 328.

    My son guided my decision and I suspect he wanted to take advantage of it but I thank him for it.


    @FranckWhat were your criteria for purchasing a Ferrari 328 and how did you manage to find your copy?

    @Anto328GTS44: My preference quickly turned to the Ferrari 328 for reasons of maintenance costs and reliability after having inquired.
    So, the decision made, as the condition of purchase was the trade-in of the Elegante, I sent emails to all the professionals who had a Ferrari 328 in their stock.


    After a good month of research, only one responded positively to my request, and the deal was concluded in 15 days.


    Ferrari 328 Plage.jpg


    @FranckWhat is your experience with your Ferrari 328 in use? What struck you the most while driving it? What is your fondest memory with her?

    @Anto328GTS44: Experience of more than 17,000 kilometers in 2 years and 3 months of pure driving over the 33 months since purchase and on all types of roads, but not yet on the circuit.
    We really find all the pleasures of pure driving, no assistance, we learn to drive again and sometimes get a few scares.

    In terms of memories, each outing becomes a new one, with always this pleasure of driving, these eyes which turn towards the car, these discussions which begin or the wonder of children and adults, when I offer them a ride inside to immortalize a moment of sharing and pleasure.




    @FranckCan you tell us about the costs incurred for normal use of a Ferrari 328 (insurance, annual maintenance, major overhaul, tires, unforeseen events, etc.)?

    @Anto328GTS44: As for costs, I had a very major service done when I bought it, as it had done 10,000 kilometers in 32 years with its previous owner. So removing the engine for the distribution, the clutch, the spark plugs, the numerous oil seals, some hoses, the tires and so on... This service cost me an arm and a leg with an amount approaching 5 figures, but I negotiated it when purchasing... Phew!

    So since that ground zero, I haven't had any major maintenance costs. I had an unexpected incident, due to a micro-leak on the oil radiator, which was more expensive, while waiting for the part to be at a reasonable price, with 3 months of downtime, than on the overall cost of the intervention. I have to give it a little overhaul soon, I'll keep you posted.

    On this model, the advantage is that you can change the distribution and the clutch without removing the engine, unlike other models of those years. So, I think we can trust what is said on the forums with an average maintenance of €1,000 to €1,500 per year, without any major blows.

    In terms of insurance, you need to count on a little more than €100 per month for comprehensive insurance, theft and fire on appraisal value every 4 years.
    My overall average consumption is around a little less than 11l/100, which surprises a lot of people.


    Ferrari 328 Rassemblement.jpg


    @FranckIn your opinion, what are the points to watch out for on a Ferrari 328 over time? What preventative measures can be taken, or even improvements?

    @Anto328GTS44: Like all cars, but especially Italian ones, once hot, you can ask it anything and it will give it to you. On the other hand, when cold, if you make her scream, you risk getting angry.

    So respect the heating and cooling times, especially after sporty driving, regular maintenance, whether you ride or not, with regular monitoring of the levels, especially on old ones.



    @FranckAnd if we had to do it again ? And if you could have any Ferrari, what would be next?

    @Anto328GTS44: To do again! Why, it's done... I would do it again of course. But with other means. I would perhaps have directed my choice towards other models by staying in those years or older.

    So, in approximate order... Ferrari 250 GTO, Ferrari F40, Dino 246 GT, Ferrari Testa Rossa and so on...




    @FranckHow do you use Ferrarista.club for your experience with your Ferrari? What does the Ferrarista community bring you?
    @Anto328GTS44: Unfortunately, I don't use it often enough, being on the move all year round, I have little time to benefit from all the forum discussions and read them all.

    But I got a lot of answers on the little problems I had with my 328 and met some very nice meetings with members of Ferrarista. So a big thank you to you and to all the founders of this community which brings us all good things in this world of brutes... 😉


    A BIG THANK YOU @Anto328GTS44 for all these interesting details about your experience behind the wheel of your Ferrari 328 GTS, hoping that it encourages others to take the plunge too.

    If you own a Ferrari 328, what other information would you give to someone interested in this model? What was your experience?

    If you're looking at the Ferrari 328 and thinking "why not", what other questions would you like to ask?


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